Welcome to my website. Here you will find links to my weather projects and my photo galleries. Some pages contain different information and may look different from one another,as I learn or find a new idea, I update, add or change a page. Hey, it's a learning process for fun. I have also provided some links in the left sidebar to websites with information about the local area and Nova Scotia in general.

The pictures in"Gallery 1" are pictures I have taken around my local area. All of the bird pictures have been taken around our house, many out through the front window.

The pictures in the gallery currently labeled "Gallery 2" are pictures of the bands I played in for a number of years starting in 1974.

The weather data on this site, with the exception of Environment Canada and Novaweather, is provided by my own weather equipment and resources.

Station Info

I use a Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless weather station to provide the weather data. This data is uploaded using Weatherlink and Cumulus software every 15 - 30 minutes 24/7. The "realtime" wind display in Cumulus Wind Gauges is updated every 4 seconds, this is a feature of the Cumulus software.

My collection of weather stations also includes a Davis Vantage Vue and a Davis Weather Monitor II that I use for back-up and data comparison. All stations are placed as accurately as possible to achieve the best readings.

The weather data is shown above in "Cumulus Weather", "Realtime Wind Gauges" and "Weatherlink Weather". I have also created a page called "West Brooklyn Mtn." which features both software uploads on the same page. A link to archived weather data can be found there,and station pictures can be seen here.

I also provide weather data to external resources as shown in the column on the left, listed under Data Feeds.



I am located in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada.

The background image © Ron Elliott is the view looking toward Cape Blomidon from our deck, taken August 5, 2013.

This site is owned and operated by Ron Elliott. External sites are the property of their respective owners.*Be sure to eat a stack of pancakes at least once a week!

Updated: March 16,2021